Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Resurgence of an old Hobby of mine.

Anything can be found, just have to know where to look and not break any laws while getting your information. This is why I quote anything I post, everything has been published before, I just combine one prior publication with another, that way I have published nothing that hasn't been published before :))

Case in point. The image above is a collage made up entirely from screen shots made from Google street view, and I'm merely quoting what I saw. The beauty of Google street view is that I can get right to someones driveway without getting out of my seat half a world away. These images also confirm that the information I found published elsewhere is spot on.

I'd like to thank Google for their help in finding many more of these. I'll be combining many of these images with information published by the State of Florida, a few Newspapers and other News sources to create something with an entirely different flavor.

Thanks for visiting, and be careful what you publish,